SWISS DATA BACKUP (hereafter „SDB“) is a brand of MOUNT10 AG. This grey-label service is similar to the standard MOUNT10 services – but it is a pure B2B (business to business) offering.


This grey-label approach and the fact that „POWERED BY MOUNT10“ is stated in the client makes this offering remarkable interesting for you. SDB gives you the possibility to offer a professional service with attractive conditions embedded in your portfolio.


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  • Define your own prices for your customers
  • The software is absolutely identical to all MOUNT10 versions
  • The data storage is redundant / shared in the Swiss Alps (SWISS FORT KNOX I + II)
  • Monitor your SDB configuration with the StoragePlatform console
  • One Service-Desk from a customer’s point of view
  • Integrate the backup in your service agreement based on your terms and conditions

Difference to MOUNT10 service

  • No end-customer backup monitoring by our Service Operation Center (SOC)
  • No intervention process by our SOC
  • No end-customer support by our SOC (still free of charge for you)
  • No partner commission and no discounts for your own configuration



«To our customers, we are providing technologically innovative solutions with high quality as well as sustainability. A crucial point for us and our customers is high data protection for our Online-Backup service portfolio.
With SWISS DATA BACKUP from MOUNT10 being the base for our BackupPlan Advanced service, we found the perfect solution for us and our customers.
The flexibility, professionality and the knowhow of the support-team of MOUNT10 was as well an important decision criteria evaluating this solution.»


Stephan Wyss
Head of Managed Services, DQ-Solutions



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Support and Software Downloads

For assistance and technical support, please contact our free support. Our knowledgebase provides further information and support.


The following software is available to our resellers for an existing SWISS DATA BACKUP account for free download.
For a new service account, please contact MOUNT10 AG directly.

These tools are used to monitor your backup clients (Console) and to install the plugins (Plugin Installer & Archive Signer Plugin):

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Our software producer
Redstor develops the software for the product SDB.
He has been our strategic partner since the company was founded in 2005 and maintains an exclusive, long-term partnership with us in Switzerland. Redstor is characterised by its very stable and efficient software. Thus, the daily data transfer can be reduced to a minimum.